The 19th National Conference of the SSIO of Ukraine took place from 20th to 22nd January 2017 on the theme of discovering our innate divinity. All three days were spent discussing personal transformation and the work of the SSIO. Participants viewed a video of the proceedings of the Seventh National Conference held in 2005, when Mrs. Phyllis Krystal had visited the Ukraine during a bitter cold spell and inspired the youth with her talk. On the second day, the newly-selected national Youth Coordinator spoke about the work of the youth in the Ukraine and around the world, followed by discussions about the work of the SSIO. The second day concluded with an enjoyable concert, with audience participation. On the third day, attendees engaged in a seminar on the universal and eternal Gayatri Mantra, and its benefits and meaning. Volunteers who had served at the medical camp held in the town of Sairam in Kazakhstan gave uplifting talks, and the event concluded with blissful bhajans.

2017-01-21-z8-ukraine-national-conference-organization-concert-christmas-tradition-copy 2017-01-21-z8-ukraine-national-conference-organization-the-story-of-the-international-medical-camp-in-kazakhstan-copy