Each year the monsoon season brings flooding and landslides throughout Nepal, and during this year’s season, SSIO members rallied assistance in a number of locales. In July 2016, heavy rains swept away 41 houses in the village Mugu, in one of the most remote hilly districts of Nepal. The villagers were forced to take shelter in a school, but on the night of 30th July, half the school itself was swept away. That very night, SSIO volunteers began distributing relief materials, on foot. Sathya Sai volunteers supplied 10 kg of rice and other food items, 15 tents, 15 blankets, and 6 mattresses to about 31 people. In the western Tarai district of Kapilvastu, the SSIO supplied food packages and clothes to individuals displaced by the floods. The Chief District Officer was moved by these gestures of selfless service and, upon his request, the SSIO further distributed 200 blankets on 9th August to those affected by the flooding and landslides. Thereafter, on 1st August 2016, SSIO volunteers provided clothes, mattresses, mosquito nets, and food packets to 60 families in the Sunsari district of eastern Tarai. The volunteers also distributed tarpaulins and tents to 60 families. On 7th August, similar items were distributed to 20 families in another village. In Pyuthan, another remote hilly district in western Nepal, the SSIO handed out 92 blankets to those rendered homeless. In the Madheli village of eastern Nepal, on 20th August, Sathya Sai volunteers distributed corrugated metal sheets to 15 families to aid in reconstructing their houses and also supplied 20 kg of rice to 25 families affected by the natural disaster.