On 1st February 2020, a mega Medical Camp was organised by the SSIO of Nepal at Thulakhet in Pokhara. A team of 125 volunteers including 19 doctors, 26 paramedics and around 90 SSIO volunteers provided loving care to more than 735 patients. Sri Sathya Sai Mobile van was also used during this camp. Volunteers conducted 185 laboratory  investigations, 135 electrocardiogram (ECG) examinations, more than 200 ultrasound scans, and more than 100 dental procedures. Patients received medicines. Seventeen patients were diagnosed with cataract and referred to a hospital where the cataract surgery is sponsored by the SSIO of Nepal. A 50-year old patient who showed symptoms of a heart attack was immediately moved to Sahid Gangalal National Heart Centre, Kathmandu, for treatment. In addition to medical services, the volunteers distributed 50 walking sticks to senior citizens and served hot meals to about 1,400 people. In a previous medical camp organised by the SSIO of Nepal, an elderly woman said, “I have attended many medical camps in my life. This is the first one where you are treated so endearingly, provided medicines and served hot meals.”