Nearly 200 SSIO volunteers from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Ukraine, the UK, and the USA joined to provide a medical and service camp at a village in Kazakhstan, from late June to early July 2016. Sathya Sai volunteers offered medical, educational, and social services to hundreds of needy local residents. A team of 61 volunteers, including 25 doctors covering 13 specialties, rendered medical services to more than 4,200 patients at the medical camp. In addition, healthcare professionals visited nearby villages to provide medical services to patients who were unable to visit the camp. Prescriptions were filled, and more than 1,000 pairs of spectacles were dispensed. Three wheelchairs were also donated to local recipients. Sathya Sai volunteers distributed 250 food packages to needy families in the surrounding villages. In addition, detergents, kitchenware, mattresses, and clothing were supplied. A needy family with numerous children received a refrigerator and cupboards, and SSIO members repaired their damaged house. An educational team conducted classes in human values and held creative workshops that were attended by 2,213 children. SSIO members also offered educational programmes for parents and teachers. On 30th June, the volunteers presented a music and dance programme in the Drama Theatre of the village. The local residents were happy with the services rendered by Sathya Sai volunteers and grateful that the multipurpose camp was held in the sacred month of Ramadan.


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