Snowmen, decorated Christmas trees, and a display of the Nativity scene created an atmosphere of joy and peace where fifty members of the Riyadh Sathya Sai Centre celebrated Christmas 2015, congregating at the Sai Majlis to sing the glories of Sathya Sai Baba. A large picture of Bhagawan, adorned with garlands of Christmas flowers and multi-coloured lights, greeted everyone at the entrance to the venue. Sathya Sai volunteers had decorated the hall with streamers, festoons, and golden stars. The programme featured soul-stirring English devotional songs and Christmas carols, heightening the Christmas spirit with traditional favourites including “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World.” At a climactic moment, Santa Claus entered the hall with a bag full of sweets and delicacies and distributed them to everyone. Each child likewise received a Christmas gift, bringing a sparkle to their eyes. The programme concluded with closing prayers and the sharing of food and cakes.

Thereafter, on New Year’s Eve, about 50 SSIO members from Riyadh organised a special evening bhajan session, starting with prayers. As the clock ticked away toward the midnight hour, the singing gained in momentum, ushering everyone joyfully into the New Year.

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