On 5th February 2016, a team of 90 SSIO members and three newcomers from the Pasea Sathya Sai Centre in North Trinidad travelled to neighbouring Guyana for a three-day project to construct prefabricated homes, in collaboration with the SSIO of Guyana. The components for these fireproof, waterproof, termite-proof, and hurricane resistant houses had been shipped earlier from Trinidad, and each house took four hours to erect. A total of nine houses were built. To bless and inaugurate each house after its construction, volunteers held a short but invigorating bhajan session emphasising multifaith songs. Keys to each home were then handed over to nine needy families, who were overcome with emotion and expressed immense gratitude to God. The families also received clothing, toys, toiletries, furniture, and essential home furnishings. In addition, three couples participating in this event received wedding rings.