Satya Sai youth from Suriname organised a Walk For Values on 31st October 2015, as part of the worldwide Serve the Planet project. Sai Organisation members together with family, friends and community members joyfully joined in the event. One hundred forty people, ages 4–75, participated in the 4-km walk in the capital city, Paramaribo. During registration, participants selected a human value and received a badge with their chosen value, as a spiritual exercise. Values-based games, such as “Fishing for a Value,” were organised, where participants could search for letters to form a value. Another game, “Bowling Away the Negatives,” involved overturning bottles with negative values written on them, with a ball. All games were led by the Sathya Sai youth. The youth also painted banners and flags with quotes on human values, which were proudly displayed during a procession. Prizes were awarded to participants for dressing according to the “Go Green” theme for the event. The day was full of fun and joy, with an underlying spiritual theme and message of human values.

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