Sathya Sai devotees in Panamá organised a sports day for SSE children, called “World Cup.” On the afternoon of Sunday, 10th May 2015, approximately 80 parents and community members attended the event at a gymnasium and sports field at the University of Panamá. The programme began with a song from the Soccer World Cup of 2014, followed by a talk explaining the selection of the theme song – illustrating the unity of nations, which come together to participate in sports, putting aside their differences. The children were then divided into five teams, representing the five different countries that participated in the original World Cup. Each team was composed of eleven students, one teacher, and one adult – all dressed in the colours of that country’s flag. Three games were played by the children, in honour of their mothers, fathers, and SSE teachers. Between the games, human values questions were posed and answered. The programme was enjoyed by one and all.

Z2A Pamana Sports Day 2015-12-25 11.34.42

Z2A Pamana Sports Day 2015-12-25 11.34.43

Z2A Pamana Sports Day 2015-12-25 11.34.44