In El Salvador, SSIO members organised various projects in Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, under the Serve the Planet initiative. In particular, they focused on connecting children with nature, a vital opportunity for children growing up in urban surroundings. The group sponsored outdoor activities four times between June and November 2015. On 1st November 2015, 12 Sathya Sai volunteers, including six young adults from the Gerardo Barrios Sathya Sai Centre, escorted 24 children from the community, including three SSE students, to a park, to enjoy the natural surroundings. The children played various games, including naming their favourite animal. Each child planted a bean seed, with the permission of Mother Nature, gave the seedling a name, and promised to take loving care of the plant as it grew.

Z2A El Salvador serving children 2015-10-04 11.33.06

Z2A El Salvador serving children 2015-11-01 11.27.34

Z2A El Salvador serving children 2015-11-01 11.28.15