Over the past 28 years, SSIO volunteers in El Salvador have joined in a weekly service programme that began originally with visit to a group of disabled boys living in a dilapidated house. Over the years, with the help of the Sathya Sai Foundation, the volunteers purchased and renovated a larger home capable of housing 22 people. The home had an elevator, workshop rooms and a meeting venue on the ground floor, along with 11 bedrooms and a Sathya Sai Centre on the first floor. More recently, some of the workshop rooms were converted to bedrooms and a room for holding SSE classes. On 23rd November 2017, the group celebrated the home’s 20th anniversary by screening two short videos. In March 2018, SSIO volunteers delivered a new water filter for the residents. The programme started more than 20 years ago, has provided numerous disabled young people with opportunities to study, work and find new meaning to life.