The Sathya Sai School, at Kisaju, Kajiado District, Nairobi, opened in 2001 with Swami’s blessings, provides free education to poor and destitute children. At present, 125 boys reside in this boarding school, which recently completed the construction of a large, multi-purpose, ultramodern auditorium. In addition, the school has constructed seven concrete structures to house seven 10,000-litre tanks for harvesting rainwater.

On 9th June 2013, parents, teachers, school officials, students from neighbouring schools and Sai youth from the Nairobi Sathya Sai Centre gathered to witness the annual sports day at the school.

On Sunday, 28th July 2013, the annual Teachers’ Day was celebrated along with Guru Purnima, by students, parents, guardians, community members and Sathya Sai devotees. Students presented “values-based” drama, songs, hymns, quotations and traditional dances, and expressed their gratitude to Bhagawan for providing them with a model school with excellent facilities for learning under the Sathya Sai Educare methodology. They also honoured all teachers who stay on the school campus, for imparting spiritual knowledge along with the regular academic curriculum. A Parenting Workshop on the human values was attended by 78 parents and guardians, who expressed gratitude to the school management for taking care of their children and educating them in Human Values.