The SSSIO of Trinidad & Tobago (SSSIO-TT) held its annual Unity of Faiths program on January 20, 2024, with the theme Non-violence begins with me. Key speakers included Mr. Yamin Ali Baksh from the Wajadali Memorial Mosque, Pundit Keshav Ramdeen from the Isha Foundation, Rudranath Mangroo Persad from the Bodhicharya Sangha, and Mrs. Vinti Mohip, the SSSIO-TT National Council President. They discussed the culture of violence in Trinidad & Tobago and the importance of committing to the practice of non-violence by everyone, regardless of their religious background. Mrs. Mohip invited all the religious heads to join future SSSIO-TT outreach programs to bring about positive change in Trinidad & Tobago. The program attracted 150 attendees, including parents and students of Longdenville Sathya Sai Primary School, representatives from various faiths, and Sai devotees, with approximately 50 members of the public. The program also featured a multi-faith devotional session promoting inclusiveness and interfaith unity.