A three-day trip was organized for 28 SSSIO members between January 2 and 4, 2023, to deepen their experience of divinity through immersion in Mother Nature. The participants visited beautiful natural spots to connect with God and Nature, such as the majestic and mysterious monument of Giz Galaxy, the Seven Beauties Waterfall, and the Yeddi Gozel Waterfall. At the picturesque Lake Nohur, they prayed, fed birds and animals, rode in catamarans, and held discussions on spirituality. They also made a memorable visit to the village of Ivanovka, home to the Russian ethnic community of Molokans, where they chanted the Gayatri Mantra and other prayers and meditated at the burial site of a holy man. All participants were spiritually uplifted by the trip, which allowed them to immerse themselves in the beauty of their beloved country, feel a deep spiritual kinship with nature, and experience a profound sense of peace and love.