SSSIO volunteers in Haiti, along with the non-profit organization Bon Timoun (‘Good child’ in Creole), work tirelessly to improve the school conditions for underprivileged children. There are 545 children who have access to quality education, including education in human values ​​to develop character, self-confidence, and integrity. Despite enormous challenges, the school teachers have continued to keep the three schools open every day. In 2021, each student received a backpack, books, school supplies and a T-shirt. Breakfast is served to 95 students every day. More than 200 students received hot meals. The schools have hired eight new teachers, including 2 new sports teachers. The teachers are trained continuously in Sathya Sai Education in Human Values. Further, infrastructure improvements were made in the schools, including installation of cement floors in four of the twenty classrooms. Tree planting and improvements to the school garden were done. The volunteers also generously supplied drinking water from the well in the Galette school to local residents. The presence of the school and the well has helped both the local community and the school.