The small indigenous community of “Pindoty-I” consists of 10 families and 45 children in the Misiones province in north-east Argentina. A local teacher began providing free education for children under a palm tree in the jungle. As the number of children increased, it was difficult to organize classes outdoors, especially during winter. SSSIO volunteers recognized the need for a school building, and with support from the community, constructed a classroom, a kitchen, a dining room, and a bathroom. Further, they provided electricity and drinking water for the entire community.

During construction of the school building, when the volunteers went to a shop to purchase construction materials for the school, the young man who owned the shop asked who Sri Sathya Sai Baba was and about His work. Upon coming to know about the noble work being carried out by the SSSIO, the young man said, “I’ll donate all the tiles and paints for this job”. After the school construction was completed, when the volunteers visited the shop again, the young man who donated the construction materials for the project shared how his business has grown exponentially from the time he donated material for this noble effort. The school has also grown, with the local government providing two additional teachers who teach Spanish and their native language of Guarani.