The 3rd European Sai Values and Yoga Retreat was held at Sai Prema in Greece from 26th July to 2nd August 2019, with the theme “All are One, be alike to everyone”. The daily programme included morning prayers, meditation, yoga, swimming in the nearby sea, creative workshops, spiritual singing and night prayers. During the retreat, the participants explored the fundamental spiritual reality in all. The retreat’s 40 participants from Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovenia and Switzerland were inspired to continue spiritual practices in their daily life. The ideal atmosphere of Sai Prema and the well-balanced programme made the retreat an unforgettable experience for the attendees.

Immediately afterward, the 8th European Spiritual Discipline camp was also held at Sai Prema  during 2–11 August 2019.  One day at this camp was devoted to silence and fasting to further deepen the connection with the Divine Self within. Two inspiring excursions to the ancient temples of Greek Goddess Artemis and God Poseidon enriched the participants’ knowledge about ancient Greek culture.