On 7th April 2019, SSE Group 4 girls from the Toronto-York Sathya Sai Centre initiated a study circle and organised an interactive exhibition showcasing various ways to become more environmentally friendly and the importance of recycling. Students divided themselves into seven groups, each group presenting a different theme to the congregation. One group talked about the do’s and don’ts of recycling, while another group discussed the importance of reducing plastic waste while the rest of the groups concentrated on recycling water, the use of eco-friendly cleaners, and home-grown gardens.

The turnout for the exhibition was remarkable. In an innovative move, students handed out food samples made from fruit and vegetable scraps that would usually be discarded, while others compared foods to show the difference between organic and processed food. The exhibition was interactive, allowing for discussions, participation and questions by the visitors.

After the exhibition, the SSE students prepared for their upcoming study circle that was held on Sunday, 27th April 2019. They came prepared with facts and figures on how to “Go Green”, with videos, pictures and short, interactive games. After the study circle, parents complimented the students and appreciated the information received, especially simple take-away messages on how each person can make a difference through personal practices.