On a warm sunny day in early June 2019, more than 25 volunteers took part in the 6th National Education Conference in Vitebsk. The theme was ‘The manifestation of Truth, Compassion, and Beauty in Sai Education’. The participants shared their personal experiences and discussed how to communicate spiritual concepts effectively to young children. Four presentations were made on “Respect”, “Wisdom lives at the tip of the language”, “Kindness”, and “Beauty”, followed by five thematic presentations. The first day of the Conference concluded with a creative workshop titled “Ganesh”.

The second day of the Conference began with the participants sharing their experience from a visit to the Baranovichi orphanage. A teacher enthralled the audience with a talk titled, “The joy of a kind heart” which focused on the power of warmth and friendship to bring change in the lives of young people with disabilities. The conference concluded with a highly anticipated, festive, end-of-year school program titled “Man is the Decoration of the World, because He Brings Kindness to The World”. Children of all ages participated in a quest, where, through determination and ingenuity, they passed through challenges such as “Deep Cave” (egoism), “Quicksand” (desires), “Swift Falls” (irritability), “Thick Forest” (offenses), and “Logged Swamp” (laziness). The teams received bonuses as they passed through each stage.