Sathya Sai Young Adults of Northern California organised a fun-filled educational carnival on 22nd September 2018 for the students of Southgate Elementary School, located in an under-served area of northern California. The carnival was a kick-off for the weekly 2018-2019 Math Academy, a math tutoring programme offered by about 20 SSIO volunteers for about 100 children from third to sixth grades. The day began with a session on mindfulness, yoga and personal sharing by the children. The Young Adults also set up various learning booths that engaged children in hands-on science experiments, helped them practice public-speaking and creative story-telling and learn the rudiments of computer coding through games. The children also learnt about recycling and “going green” and enjoyed a number of brain-stimulating games. Finally, there was the popular Face-Painting booth and a jam session for the children to sing and dance to their favourite songs. Teachers received positive feedback from parents, who were happy to see their children learning in an engaging and fun environment. The school administration was very appreciative of the dedicated efforts by the Sathya Sai volunteers.