On 12th March 2018, the SSIO of Mauritius observed the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence by organising a Walk for Values in Lallmatie, one of the most developed villages in the country. The event drew 200 people, including SSE children who participated with great enthusiasm and joy. The walk was intended to raise awareness of the importance of practising human values and to revive patriotic spirit. Powerful and inspirational messages on human values were conveyed through colourful floats, placards, displays, and songs. The momentous day was packed with an abundance of patriotic fervour, while sharing the teachings of Baba. The procession stopped at Bissoondoyal Square to pay tribute to the late Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal for his invaluable contribution to the country’s attainment of independence. The Walk concluded with devotional songs, ending with a famous patriotic song, “Donne to la main, Prend mo la main” (give your hand and take my hand), which was the theme of the 50th Anniversary of the independence of Mauritius.