During 24th–25th March 2018, a sadhana (spiritual practice) camp was held at the Sathya Sai School in Lopburi, themed “Service to Man Is Service to God.” SSIO leaders gave presentations describing ongoing activities and service projects in Thailand. The event also included a workshop on how to incorporate human values into service projects. Participants enjoyed vibrant bhajans (devotional songs) and cultural dances in the evening.

The second day started with traditional devotional activities. Participants then proceeded to a nearby village, where provisions were given to 24 needy families at the government district office. Dr. Art-ong Jumsai delivered an inspiring talk about the selfless service activities of the SSIO around the world and in Thailand. The head of the government district office was pleased with the service rendered by the SSIO. Even though it was a Sunday, when government offices are closed, the head of the district and her staff gladly helped distribute the provisions to the needy. She personally took the camp participants to people who did not have a home and others living in dilapidated quarters, so that they could receive assistance from the Sathya Sai volunteers.

Camp participants also visited several sick residents of the village, including a 43-year-old former construction worker, who had fallen from a ladder 18 years ago and had been bedridden since then. His 70-year-old mother cared for her disabled son by selling food for a living. Learning that the patient was unable to bear heat but could not afford a cooler, the SSIO volunteers bought a cooler for the family. This made his mother very happy and she thanked the SSIO members profusely for their kindness.