In August 2017, New South Wales Region West hosted a multicultural, multi-faith community programme titled “ONENESS: Coming Together to Make Our World a Better Place.” This continued an interfaith outreach programme commenced by the SSIO in 2016, encompassing many faiths and diverse cultures. This year’s programme included a variety of performances, including drama, talks, music, and dances, offered by various faith and community groups and addressing the theme of oneness. The venue, a local school, was beautifully decorated with posters sharing Sathya Sai Baba’s messages on unity of faiths and the five universal human values. More than 400 guests, including faith-group and community leaders, local seniors, children, and SSIO leaders and members attended the joyful event. Indigenous Aboriginal representatives inaugurated the event with a traditional ceremony for welcoming visitors to Australia. Representatives of the Nepalese, Laotian, Indian, and local school communities, as well as SSE children and Young Adults of the SSIO, presented beautiful performances. While addressing the congregation, a Christian minister invited the SSIO to participate in an international peace programme the following month.