The Sathya Sai Clinic in Botswana has served the community of Gaborone for 11 years. On 23rd April 2017, the clinic launched a public outreach programme. About 200 people, including government officials, dignitaries, doctors, pharmacists, opticians, patients of the clinic, and members of the SSIO participated in the event, made festive by colourful banners. The Honourable Minister of Territory Education was the keynote speaker and Mr. Ramachandran Ottpath, CEO of Choppies Group, was the Chief Guest. The Sathya Sai Clinic also inaugurated a new laboratory, with the donation of a haematology machine by Mr. Ottpath. Demonstrating the work of the clinic, 120 patients were then registered, their vital statistics recorded, and given services by five doctors, two pharmacists, and two opticians. The chief guest, the minister, and the dignitaries toured the clinic and commended the Sathya Sai volunteers. The event received press coverage by Botswana Television, Radio Botswana, the Botswana Daily News and the Botswana Guardian news publications. Botswana Television aired interviews with patients, who appreciated the services received at the clinic.