The SSIO of Botswana has operated the Sathya Sai Baba Free Medical Clinic, every Sunday for the past eight years. An eye clinic is also offered twice a month for examinations and providing of spectacles, and a dental clinic is held monthly, on Sundays. In 2014, 21 medical professionals, assisted by 30 volunteers and 3 translators, treated 3,126 patients and dispensed medicines. The eye clinic attracts needy patients from remote locations. In 2014, opticians distributed 280 custom-made spectacles; 120 patients received dental care, including tooth extractions, fillings, and general cleaning. A medical education programme, instituted by SSIO volunteers in collaboration with University of Botswana medical and nursing students, provides valuable guidance about maintaining good health. Sathya Sai volunteers also operate an electronic medical-recordkeeping system, where medical data on 14,000 patients are stored, including visit dates, medical diagnoses, and medicines dispensed.

Botswana Patients waiting at Sathya Sai Baba Free Medical Clinic

Botswana Waiting room for patients

Botswana Electronic records for patients