In July 2017, young adult volunteers in Northern California embarked on a programme for “Project Pride” in Oakland, a rehabilitation centre for women who have lost custody of their children due to drug and alcohol abuse. Through a strict schedule that requires sobriety and discipline, the impacted women work towards regaining custody of their children. Sathya Sai volunteers crafted a programme for the women, offering them Saturday morning classes focused on life skills and job search skills. The ten-week programme covered topics ranging from self-confidence and resume writing to job search and job interview skills, as well as management of time and personal finances. Each class began with a slide presentation by a young adult, followed by a break-out session during which the women worked on their homework with the support and encouragement of their tutors. Despite the challenges faced by the participants, the classes often instilled confidence and pride in the women as they became aware of their strengths through focusing on previous work and life experiences. After ten weeks of classes, the youth volunteers organised a celebratory event in which a few of the women shared about their life-changing experiences.