In the Volga-Urals region of Russia, SSIO members intensified their spiritual practices and conducted service projects in grateful observance of Baba’s Mahasamadhi. Volunteers conducted classes on human values at a public meeting, led a creative workshop on universal human values at an orphanage, and participated in a project titled, “One Million Good Affairs for the house of Veronica,” in service of children with disabilities. On 24th April, 49 people attended a devotional meeting where they watched a video, played games about human values, shared personal experiences, and meditated. One of the attendees brought a cat that loved devotional singing. During the closing ceremony, the cat sat stood still near Baba’s chair for 10 minutes and lowered its head afterwards, as if it was bowing reverentially to Baba! Sathya Sai volunteers also picked up garbage and removed weeds in the city.