Following major earthquakes in April and May 2015, the SSIO of Nepal helped the local people rebuild and restore normalcy in their lives. In Arghakhachi, SSIO volunteers initiated a water project on 5th November 2015 to provide water to indigent villagers. The system transported mountain spring water through more than 9 km of steel and polyethylene pipes to the villages. The local community assisted in the installation of the pipes and the construction of a water tank. In addition, the SSIO, in cooperation with local Sathya Sai members, completed the construction of 31 houses in Lele, a village in the Kathmandu Valley. In the village Khalte, where all houses were destroyed by the earthquake, 21 houses have been newly constructed by the SSIO. Sathya Sai volunteers have continued to provide food, supplies, and essential goods to those in need in the remote villages of Nepal. Moved by the teachings of Baba and the loving services of His followers, local youth joined in the service activities and have begun organising bhajan singing in both villages.