Sathya Sai volunteers organised a regional service and education camp for the first time in the Sverdlovsk region of the Urals in Russia, in early June 2016. Two service projects were completed by 29 volunteers, including youth from three Sathya Sai centres and four Sathya Sai groups. The first project involved repairing three buildings for the City Youth Centre, where cultural and creative activities for children and adolescents take place. The second project involved remodelling a room in a hostel for children transitioning from a children’s home. The head of the Urban District Administration offered his personal car with a trailer to transport needed construction materials. Volunteers repaired floors, walls, and ceilings, and installed three doors. In addition, they installed hot and cold water pipes, along with a sewer line at the hostel. The head local official expressed gratitude for the services rendered as well as interest in hosting an international medical camp in the future. Besides repair work, the volunteers conducted human values classes for teenagers at the Youth Centre.

2016-06-04-z8-russia-ural-region-regional-sai-volunteer-camp-repair-bathrooms-in-the-hostel 2016-06-04-z8-russia-ural-region-regional-sai-volunteer-camp-window-painting 2016-06-04-z8-russia-ural-region-regional-sai-volunteer-camp-ceiling-painting