Besides organising devotional activities, the Sai Study Group of Indonesia (SSGI) distributed food and 2,585 packages of daily necessities to underprivileged people. Volunteers also served 542 patients at a medical camp and collected 1,215 litres of blood in blood drives. In Palembang, SSIO members offered 108 meals to needy people. Volunteers also distributed food and 100 packages of daily necessities to patients at a leprosy hospital and to impoverished people living in the Palembang river region. In Palembang, Sathya Sai volunteers also donated 47 units of blood collected at blood camps. Sathya Sai members in Jakarta served food to 1,044 families on Aradhana Mahotsavam Day. In Yogyakarta, SSIO volunteers and two doctors organised a medical camp attended by 450 patients. They also distributed 1,000 packets of food to residents of Pule Ireng Tepus village who were afflicted by drought. In Bali, SSIO volunteers distributed 298 food packages, donated 980 litres of blood, and served 92 patients at a medical camp. SSIO members also cleaned the banks of a river for the local community.


Nearly 20,000 Nepalese SSIO members participated with enthusiasm in various devotional activities during the 30-day period of observance of Aradhana Mahotsavam. In addition, study circles on Sathya Sai Baba’s life and message were held at more than 200 Sathya Sai Centres. Food was served to an estimated 19,000 people at 170 locations, and birds and animals were fed throughout the country, in keeping with Bhagawan’s teachings.

The SSIO of Nepal organised blood donation camps that collected 238 pints of blood, and Sathya Sai volunteers likewise distributed blankets to 29 mothers with new-borns. Two Sathya Sai doctors examined 38 elderly residents at a home for seniors. At a two-day medical camp in Sindhupalchowk, 18 doctors and 27 medical professionals representing the specialties of gynaecology, orthopaedics, vision, ENT, physiotherapy, and dermatology examined 1,029 patients. About 250 people attended a special programme in loving memory of Bhagawan, during which they viewed a video about His life and works, including a recap of service projects by the SSIO of Nepal.


Members of the SSIO in the Philippines organised several service projects in observance of Aradhana Mahotsavam. SSIO members served food to more than 600 people across the country and conducted four Livelihood Projects to provide means of earning to the indigent. A new devotional music group was formed—the Eastwood Bhajan Group, which now meets monthly on the second Thursday. The SSE Teachers Wing conducted a devotional programme at Sai Samahan, Makati, with 11 SSE children. The Ladies Wing organised a health camp at Santanino Barangay, where more than 100 girls were given health education and supplied with essential hygiene kits. In addition, about 450 people received healthcare and dental care.


The SSIO of Singapore organised many devotional and service activities from 16th April to 1st May 2016, including a special programme of Chinese bhajans and a workshop on self-transformation. Sathya Sai volunteers served food to needy workers in a dormitory and to the elderly at senior citizens’ homes. Medical services were provided for transient workers. Sathya Sai volunteers, including 30 students from the Sri Sathya Sai Kindergarten of Singapore, distributed food packets to 120 residents of the Chinatown Senior Activity Centre.


In Thailand, SSIO members of the Prasanthi Centre, Bangkok, participated in various service activities during the period 28th March to 26th April 2016.  On the evening of 24th April, volunteers distributed essential items at a home for seniors, while SSE children entertained the residents with musical offerings. Sathya Sai volunteers in Maesai, with the help of the local Rotary Club, supplied rice to 57 families and offered rice, quilts, and sandals to people affected by a fire in Myanmar. At the Sathya Sai Centre of Chiangmai, volunteers supplied nourishing drinks to 100 Buddhist monks.