On 27th and 28th August 2014, Sathya Sai volunteers organised a teacher-training seminar for primary and kindergarten school teachers at Ecole-Elittihad, a private school in Casablanca, Morocco. The seminar was held to support the SSEHV programme in Ecole-Elittihad. It provided information on the five human values; explained the relationships between consciousness, spirituality, feeling, and behaviour; recommended model lesson plans; and facilitated exchange of ideas among the participants.

On 29–30 August 2014, a SSEHV teacher-training seminar was organised by the Al Jisr Association in Casablanca. The Al Jisr Association, established in 1999 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, supports high quality education in Morocco by coordinating with the business sector, improving teaching methods and learning processes, conducting community outreach, and establishing standards for the evaluation of education methods and outcomes. About 31 educators, business representatives, and Al Jisr team members participated in the seminar. The trainers—two senior SSIO officers and an SSEHV teacher from Europe—discussed the objectives of SSEHV, stressing the importance of practical application of human values for children, particularly at home.

Seminar on SSEHV, Morocco

SSEHV Teacher Training, Morocco