In the month of  June, 26 volunteers organised a service camp in a village in Siberia. They came together from five cities to repair, plaster and paint the village stadium, including the seats, gymnasium and utility rooms. The work also included whitewashing and electrical repairs. Lights were hung in a sewing workshop and at a boarding school for children with mental disabilities. Sathya Sai volunteers lovingly distributed toys and educational games for the children, as well as stationery, wallpaper and wall panels. The head of the village thanked the volunteers for their services in a letter of appreciation. The villagers, including the children, also assisted the volunteers with the repairs and paint work.

Russia - Siberian - Zarubino - Volunteers hanging new lights

Russia-Siberia - Zarubino- Volunteers at work

Russia - Siberia - Zarubino - Repairing the gymnasium