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Home Sweet Home in Sri Lanka

The ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ has been getting submerged under misfortunes galore. Yet, compassion and service abound aplenty in Sri Lanka. Six poor families, each ‘broken’ in different ways were submerged in tears of joy as they received a gift they never imagined in…

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Serving Mother Nature in Southern Russia

In early July 2022, 52 SSSIO members from four Sai centers and seven Sai groups in the Southern region of Russia participated in an online program to celebrate Zonal Purity Day. The participants sang devotional songs and shared their spiritual experiences. In addition, SSSIO volunteers…

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Purity Day in Zone 8

In the first week of June, more than 300 SSSIO volunteers from Russia and five neighboring countries participated in a zonal program, a Day of Purity, which was dedicated to serving the environment. Volunteers across the zone cleared garbage from parks, forests, riverbanks, lakes, beaches,…

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