The SSIO of Russia held its first youth conference and festival on 6th and 7th January 2016 in the province of Sverdlovsk. The event, organised by the youth, was intended to provide the youth with an opportunity to show leadership, hone their skills and experience the joy of unity and cooperation. The conference, themed “Your Life is My Message”, was attended by 34 Sathya Sai members from 5 Centres and 6 Groups in the Ural, Volga-Ural, and Siberia regions. Sathya Sai youth gave talks and presentations, conducted meditation sessions, round tables discussions, and workshops, and staged performances. Many diverse and creative programmes were offered. On the eve of the Orthodox Christmas Day, 7th January 2016, a joyous, festive atmosphere was created by a bonfire, accompanied by dancing and fireworks in the forest.