Under the guidance of a Sathya Sai medical professional, a few Sathya Sai women volunteers from the St. Louis area started focusing on nutrition and physical well-being in September 2014, for improving their health. They met frequently and discussed Bhagawan’s messages on health, wellness, and nutrition. In honour of Bhagawan’s 90th Birthday, the group of 12 women resolved to run a 26.2-mile marathon relay race. Although none of them had run such a race before, they started practising in earnest in January 2015. On the day of the event, 12th April 2015, three teams were formed – “Shirdi,” “Sathya,” and “Prema” – and all 12 participants completed the marathon relay race, with each runner covering a distance of more than 6 miles.

Decoration commemorating project for 90th Birthday

Jubilant volunteers

Sathya Sai volunteers at Marathon relay race

Sathya Sai women volunteers