SSE students of the Scarborough Sathya Sai Centre conducted a Sai 90 Initiative service activity, in commemoration of the 90th Birthday of Sathya Sai Baba. The objective was to serve a vulnerable population of new-born babies and young children who may be subject to neglect due to poverty. The students helped with contributions as well as preparing clothing for needy infants and children, thus helping others through hands-on work. Children were able to express their love and compassion by decorating various “onesies” (infant body suits), bibs, and socks with concise and uplifting quotes and pictures. The students dedicated two of their Sunday SSE sessions to work on this project. During the first session, the children created imaginative designs on the onesies, bibs, and socks. In the second session, they prepared cards and tags for the clothing. The project was a great success due to cooperation between parents and SSE teachers, who tirelessly supported the children by helping them bring their imaginative ideas into concrete designs and to draw, write, and iron those designs onto the clothing. The parents and teachers also helped to pack the clothes neatly for distribution. The end result was a beautiful offering of love to Bhagawan on the occasion of His 90th birthday. Students, parents, and teachers decorated a total of 99 sets of baby clothes, each set consisting of a onesie, bib, pair of socks, and card. The clothes were donated to the Salvation Army, along with toys and non-perishable food for further distribution.