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Serving Hot Meals in the Siberian Region

During October 2021, SSSIO volunteers from the Siberian region in Russia served warm food to more than 125 needy people. They distributed more than 185 servings of buckwheat porridge with vegetables, barley noodles with vegetables, cabbage pancakes, pea soup, boiled potatoes, and vegetable salad along…

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Service in the Caucasus Region of Russia

Despite restrictions imposed by the pandemic, SSSIO volunteers in the Caucasus region of Russia continued to serve the needy and elderly members of their communities. They consistently delivered food, clothing, and medicines to a needy family and an elderly lady. The volunteers assisted an abandoned,…

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Medical Camps in Zone 8

SSSIO volunteers from Zone 8 provided medical services and support to devotees as well as the community throughout the year. From April to December 2020, numerous online medical consultations were held, where pediatricians, oncologists, emergency-room physicians, dentists, rehabilitation specialists, and psychologists provided services during the…

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