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Vijayadasami Celebrations in Thailand

Members of Sri Sathya Sai Center of Prestige Tower, Thailand, participated in blissful and uplifting devotional singing to celebrate Vijayadashami, the tenth day following the nine-day festival, to worship various forms of the divine goddess as Mother. The day also signifies the victory of good…

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Home Sweet Home in Sri Lanka

The ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ has been getting submerged under misfortunes galore. Yet, compassion and service abound aplenty in Sri Lanka. Six poor families, each ‘broken’ in different ways were submerged in tears of joy as they received a gift they never imagined in…

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Zone 8-wide Conference

Nearly 550 participants from 79 cities attended the virtual Zone 8 General Conference focused on the theme of Peace and Silence. The Zonal Chairman, Mr. Valery Voshchinin welcomed the participants. The Youth Wing presented a beautiful fireworks display. The Conference culminated with speeches by Dr….

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