In August 2023, a six-day SSSIO volunteer camp was held in northern Kazakhstan for 33 individuals. An initial cadre of volunteers arrived three days early to plan the accommodations and coordinate meals for the camp, as well as social events, creative performances, and educational activities.

During the camp, the service team distributed 65 food packages and cleaning items to low-income families. The construction team repaired a fountain and replaced damaged tiles at a local orphanage and also repaired and painted the homes of retired and disabled individuals. The education team developed creative lessons and workshops, which not only aimed to foster academic growth but also encourage bonding among the children.

The concert team brought much joy to the residents of a home for people with challenges with a memorable performance. In addition, a field trip focused on environmental responsibility had volunteers cleaning up and disposing of 20 bags of garbage.

The camp culminated with a concert that showcased the talents of both students and volunteer teachers, who radiated joy and enthusiasm throughout. After the camp, a university faculty member gave a seminar on effective communication and stress management.