In September 2023, a Regional Conference was held in Sochi, Southern Russia, with the theme Forgiveness Is the Expression of Truth, Righteousness, and Love. The conference aimed to nurture spiritual growth, foster unity, and review past achievements. Activities encompassed prayers, meditation, bhajans, inspiring presentations, insightful and vibrant discussions, and an online concert.

The report on the Southern Region highlighted active bhajan programs, spiritual circles, and online spiritual sessions. Notable projects like Children of the Sun and School of Kindness, as well as family camps that contribute significantly to the community’s well-being, were highlighted.

Attention was focused on educational endeavors, leadership courses, and service projects, including environmental initiatives. The Chairman of SSSIO Zone 8 shared profound insights into Sathya Sai’s teachings and the far-reaching impact of the SSSIO.

The event commemorated 30 years of SSSIO activities in the Southern Region of Russia and evoked profound gratitude to its founder and spiritual teacher, Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Following the conference, the Chairman of Zone 8 conducted three additional gatherings, where principles of Education in Human Value and Sai teachings were discussed.