About 50 people attended the 14th Summer Family Camp in the Ural Region of Russia in July 2023, on the theme Ceiling on Desires. The program highlight was a play based on a fairytale with colorful costumes, songs, and dance. It not only engaged and entertained the audience but also reinforced a fundamental lesson on the value of food, time, money, and energy and maintaining balance in the world.

Children learned the importance of sharing resources through workshops and games. Hiking trips allowed everyone to enjoy Nature, build endurance, and care for the elderly and the young. An Oriental Bazaar, held within the camp, provided the opportunity to play Secret Friend –to buy and give gifts anonymously and, hence, selflessly to friends. It also allowed one to learn to manage money and practice charity.

A wonderful concert by the campfire concluded the family camp, uniting everyone and uplifting them spiritually.