Forty-one people, including 12 children, participated in the annual Sai Family Camp, hosted by the Southern Region of SSSIO Russia amidst breathtaking beauty in the mountainous area of Zapovednik Park. The camp opened with a maritime Sai Olympics event and continued with daily wellness treatments, devotional singing, and activities grounded in Sai teachings on enduring peace and happiness. Children were taught about devotion, selflessness, love, gratitude, the purpose of life, and having trust in God. Meanwhile, adults participated in an emotion management seminar and discussions on self-improvement based on Sathya Sai Education in Human Values.

On the Day of Silence, participants silently hiked from the mountains to the sea, meditating on the extraordinary beauty of Mother Nature. They created picturesque landscapes and floral artwork in silence, many of which were submitted to the Zonal Active Summer Creativity Contest. Another day, dedicated to Children’s Self-Government, involved children organizing a program of devotional singing, a morning assembly, and cleaning the campgrounds. The Sai Family Camp provided a rejuvenating experience for everyone who expressed deep gratitude to Sai for His grace.