The Siberian Region of the SSSIO of Russia organized a Children’s Festival as part of the Zonal Spiritual Health Camp, with the theme Love for the Motherland. The aim was to educate children about Russia’s national symbols, immerse them in Russian culture and history, and deepen their love for the homeland. Through puzzles, quests, films, and discussions, children were inspired to recognize the sacredness of their Motherland and that loving and cherishing it was a sacred responsibility shared by all.

Children also expressed feelings for their country artistically by crafting their own unique Matryoshka doll from Russian Samovar and Birch trees, popular in Russian culture. A Sai Olympics was held to fortify the children’s physical and spiritual well-being. The festival reminded them of the exceptional talent, skill, and resourcefulness of legendary Russian heroes who protected their country and ended with a joyous ring dance, We Were Born into the World to Live Happily.